NAJIT Academy Webinar: Family Court: what to expect when interpreting in it [ETHICS]


NAJIT Academy Presents:

Family Court: what to expect when interpreting in it [ETHICS]

The Ministry of Justice of BC contracts many interpreters who work with a language other than Spanish (LOTS). This session will provide an overview of the recruitment and evaluation process that interpreters undergo to accept assignments with the Ministry of Justice, the exam they have to pass, and the modes of interpreting required. This webinar's focus will be on Portuguese Interpreters and one of the Courts that we work most with: Family Court. Interpreters must be mentally, emotionally, and professionally prepared to deal with subject matters that vary from domestic violence to pedophilia, from divorce to shared custody, from meetings with the lawyer to charge of the jury. Get ready for an exciting and informative session that will inform you on what to expect when interpreting in this common setting.

Presenter: Tatiana Raineri, CT
May 8, 2021
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